Hamilton Men’s Khaki Field Automatic

It’s that time of year again.. Yep my birthday! My wonderful girlfriend decided to get me one of the best birthday presents yet – a new watch. No matter what, she can’t go wrong getting me a watch. I even got to pick it out. What did I choose? Well I wanted something that came original with a leather strap. Something that was a nice casual, everyday watch.. yet not too fancy or eye-catching.

Hamilton Watches

This seemed like the perfect brand of watches for what I was looking for. Yea sure they have some crazy looking watches like the “Code Breaker” or the “Classic Jazzmaster”. I dove into the Khaki Field collection.. just seemed perfect. I like the simple face, no chrono, just a date, as well as the numbered clock and sweeping seconds. The black dial watch was calling my name. The others seemed, too catchy, albeit very nice watches.


Three things I love about this watch.

  • Automatic Movement
  • Leather Strap
  • Black Dial
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Along with the other usual must-haves of a sapphire crystal glass, sweeping seconds hand, and a smooth outer casing that weighs and feels great.

Would I recommend this watch?

If you’re looking for a subtle, everyday, yet casual watch.. and want to keep the price under $1,000.. This is it. It has a great feel, but as all leather it will take a few days of wearing to get the leather to hug your wrist a little better. But a small price to pay for such a nice piece.

Buy it on Amazon today!



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