16610 Submariner ca. 1989

Every watch enthusiast has a starting point, whether it be a $50 Seiko and a handful of quartz’s, or inheriting a handful of vintage mechanical chrono’s. Either way over time a collector or anyone interested in watches eventually finds out what they enjoy the most and they start honing in their purchases to a specific type of set that attracts them. Usually the first few purchases are a “tax” to learn this. This too was how I started, but I’m starting to zero-in my collection of watches with significant meaning to me and in the history of watches.

I recently sold one of my first “diver” watches, a Tag Heuer Aquaracer, which was a beautiful watch. Why did I sell it? To help fund this beauty that you are about to see.

One of my “grail” watches, which has evolved over the years, has been a birth-year submariner. It used to be a “hulk” submariner, then a sea-dweller, and then back-and-forth between the three. After quite a while of thought and decision making, I decided the birth-year submariner sung to me the most, and had the most meaning, something I could keep until I die, and hopefully pass on to my kids some day.

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I went with a 16610 Submariner which includes the date window, and is COSC certified. I found it at the right price and the right time and decided to pull the trigger! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and although my watch collection is still quite small, this will make quite a huge impression and forever be one of the most memorable purchases of my life.

(More photos to come as I plan to interchange a few worn leather straps and potentially NATO straps to create different flavors for different occasions!)

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