Wondershare Filmora Issues

I have been using Filmora for my YouTube video editing since I have started, and it has worked great for the most part however… After the latest update, every time I upload a video that is longer than say, 30 mins or so, I get an unusual and annoying error perfectly timed at the END of when my video should be done and about to upload. Convenient as I just wasted an hour or more for my computer to render, convert, and upload to YouTube. Now I have to start over.. yay for updates.

The error is basically “Authorization Expired” for the YouTube API authorization. This is nothing I can control, but it is annoying as hell. It should NOT expire while I’m uploading a long video, let alone tell me that at the end. To make matters worse, the screen that comes up doesn’t even allow me to re-sign in to YouTube to complete my upload. It is a blank popup screen to which I have no choice but to close it and then all of my last 2 hours of progress is lost.

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Filmora, if you’re listening. Please fix this. I like your software, but this is a bug that shouldn’t have made it past staging or test servers if any uploads were tested.

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