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We are proud to announce that we have launched version 1 of our website! This is short for Anime Chronology. It is a website that will be a living and breathing storage database for all anime series shows and their proper chronological watching orders. This includes watching episodes, all associated OVA’s, movies, and some specials. Whenever we are watching or getting into a new Anime there is sometimes frustration with what series comes first and which movies to watch when, etc etc. Our website strives to clear this up for everyone and provide a proper chronological watching order for each anime so that everyone can enjoy them to the fullest.

Future Updates

Because this will always be a living and breathing database, we will need to constantly be updating and adding new anime’s as the series continue and conclude. This is obviously a huge undertaking for a few guys with an idea. We would like to recruit as many contributors as possible to help us populate our system with data to include accurate and complete information using our template for each and every anime show possible. With the help of many, we can accomplish this and make this website the central location for chronological watching orders across the web.

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Current Status

We currently have the following Anime Series finished and are working on many many more for a constant weekly rollout. Please view the following and feel free to contact us to let us know what Anime’s you’d like to see or if you’d like to help contribute to your favorite Anime!

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