Dr Disrespect

DrDisrespect Permanently BANNED from Twitch!

UPDATE (7/16/2020): Dr Disrespect is Speaking Again

Prominent Twitch.tv streamer DrDisrespect has been perma-banned on June 26, 2020 for reasons still unknown. Twitch has gone as far as completely removing his presence from their platform AND re-funding subscribers in full. This is a drastic move for which we still do not have motive or details. Everyone in the gaming community who frequently watched ‘Doc’, as he is referred to by many, have been playing detective and trying to piece together everything they can. Still throughout all of this, it has been eerie how “hush-hush” this has been kept. A great thread on Reddit can get you caught up with the situation as well as here is Doc’s official tweet on the matter as of July 2, 2020:

Mixer Shutdown

All of this happening, in the wake of the Mixer Shutdown, makes it all the more curious. With Ninja and Shroud cashing in on a huge payday because of Mixer’s shutdown, what is going to happen to them next? There are theories that Twitch has found something in their loose ToC to axe Doc and free up funds for the new free agents from Mixer. Hopefully not however, as this would be very distasteful on their part and likely hurt their image over the long run.

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Also, here is the best Reddit thread I could find regarding the situation and what is known and still unknown. Keep in mind there are plenty of wild theories right now and conspiracies galore, however we will do our best to not let our minds run wild until we know for sure anything official from Doc. This could be a while, or never, seeing as Twitch has been known for banning and never really explaining why, given their loose terms and conditions. What do you think? Comment below your theory!

DrDisrespect Banned From Twitch Megapost Part 2 from r/DrDisrespectLive


Did Doc do something heinous and deserve to be perma-banned [supposedly] without warning? Is he up to something with Ninja and Shroud? PR Stunt? Who knows but we are all waiting on the edge of our seats for answers and hopefully we will get them someday. Also we hope for nothing but the best for Doc and his team and family. Lets wait and see how this plays out.

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