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Complicated Anime Chronology: Fate Series

In this edition of Complicated Anime Chronology, I am spotlighting the Fate series. This is one of the most asked about anime as far as confusion and watch order questions.

It is such a great series that deserves to be watched, but many shy away due to the complexity it seemingly portrays. There are several parts, series, seasons, ova’s etc, all with unique names to add to the confusion. When starting this anime, without some kind of direction, it is very hard to get the full effect and expected result from watching it.

Fate Series

There are several ways to watch this series. We recommend both the release order and chronological order routes.

It is up to you which to go with first, however many start with Release date (since that was literally how it surfaced and was originally consumed by many), and then the Chronological order second. If you’re hardcore into chronological ordering, then watch the chronological order first. Here are our favorite resources for ordering these series:

  • Fate Series General Order – From our friends at Recommendmeanime.com. Amerowolf does a stellar job at getting both orderings correct. She’s also very knowledgeable in many other series. Check out her blog @ recommendmeanime.com
  • Fate Series Chronological Order – From our sister site at AnimeChrono.com. We specialize in Anime Watch Orders over there and have made it our labor of love to continue the research and compilation of as many anime series watch orders as we can. Check out the site @ AnimeChrono.com
  • Fate Series Release Order – From the team at Manga.Otaku. They have certainly created a great guide for the orders, most notable of which I believe is the “Release Date Order”.

Hopefully these resources will help your travels and ease the thrust into the Fate series. It is both a fun and exciting series that can be enjoyed to its fullest if you go into it with a plan.

There are of course many other resources on the web that also attempt to explain the orders, all differing a slight bit, and all possibly correct in their own way. Either way just because a series has a lot of content to offer, this should be no reason not to indulge and were hoping to bridge that gap with this series called “Complicated Anime Chronology”.

If this information has helped you or you have enjoyed it, please go to the right and find us on social media and help support us through Patreon or Amazon affiliates! Also, don’t forget to check out our Discord channel! See you around..

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