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Marvel Series Watch Order

How to watch the Marvel series in Chronological order, including all Movies that are currently available and still coming out.Watching the complete Marvel series can be really enjoyed in release date or chronological order, it is simply a matter of preference.

Here’s a compiled list of my recommended Marvel series watch order

1Captain America: The First Avenger1942
2Captain Marvel1995
3Iron Man2010
4Iron Man 22011
5The Incredible Hulk2011
7The Avengers2012
8Iron Man 32012
9Thor: The Dark World2013
10Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014
11Guardians of the Galaxy2014
12Guardians of the Galaxy 22014
13Avengers: Age of Ultron2015
15Captain America: Civil War2016
16Spider-Man: Homecomin2016
17Doctor Strange2016-2017
18Black Widow2017
19Black Panther2017
20Thor: Ragnarok2017
21Ant-Man and the Wasp2017
22Avengers: Infinity War2017
23Avengers: Endgame2018-2023
24Spider-Man: Far From Home2023
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There are several orders online that are on multiple websites, blogs, and pages. Many agree with chronological order that is stated here, but some have differing opinions. There is also a release order, which I have omitted here since it is basically just arranging the above titles in order of release date.

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