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The God of High School Characters

The God of High School character guide and explanations.

Here is a list of the [most notable] characters in The God of High School. These are main characters whom most likely had a greater impact on the storyline and decided some sort of event or direction in the show. In other words, these are the characters who I thought were important enough to add to this list. ^_^


Main Characters

  1. Jin Mori

    Jin Mori

    Our beloved protagonist, Jin Mori, is initially described and known to be the careless, joyous, and air headed high school kid who just wants to fight everyone. Similarities to that of Goku, from the Dragon Ball series are uncanny in that sense!

    As the show goes on we realize there is much more to Jin than leads on. He actually turns out to be none other than the great God Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King. He is one of the nine kings of the Sage Realm, but we do not learn this until later in Season 1. This also means there are limitations to the ways he can be defeated or even killed–only by other God’s or Demon’s.

  2. Han Daewi

    Han Daewi

    Han is arguably one of the very best skilled fighters in strict martial arts that is presented on the show. Very laid back, relaxed at all times, but with a motive in mind (to save his friend from death), Han fights with a purpose.

    Part of a few organizations, mainly the duo Mad Cows and one of The Six AKA Sage of the East, Han is quite the powerful character that hasn’t fully redeemed himself in the first Season so far of the God of High School anime adaptation.

  3. Yu Mira

    Yu Mira

    So far the up and coming swords(women) of the show, Yu Mira weirds her sword and is the 25th Master of the Moon Light Sword style art of fighting.

    She also becomes one of The Six and leader of Neo Nox. This too has not been discovered with the first season of the anime adapation, but is soon to come!

  4. Hui Mori

    Hui Mori

    A clone, made by Jin Mori that was used to go to the human realm in place of Jin. There are many questions about Hui and if he really is a clone or perhaps his own being at a certain point.

    Much of this yet to be discovered in later seasons!

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Tournament Participants

  1. Park Ilpyo

    Park Ilpyo

    Park, also known primarly on the show as “Ilpyo!” as often shouted by his peers, is considered one of the bets fighters in their country and he also becomes one of The Six.

    Ilpyo is a main supporting character which often interacts with Jin during the series for many serious situations.

  2. Jegal Taek

    Jegal Taek

    The main antagonist in the first arc, Jegal started as a strong fighter which was to be cautioned however near the end of season 1 we were introduced to an ominous power which was available to him by absorbing a very large amount of charyeok.

    Jegal broke his taboo by absorbing a great amount of external force to allow him to become a god for brief period of time. This forced Jin Mori to reveal some of his true power in order to stop him, before we were able to see too much of Jegal’s real power.

The Six

The Six

  1. Park Mubong

    Organizer of this great God of High School tournament, Park is also a member The Six and a very very powerful being.

    Although he is a huge help in the beginning of the series, near the later arcs Park becomes a main antagonist through many other actions to be seen..

  2. Jeon Jaesan

    Jeon Jaesan

    A super-large and natural bad-ass, Jeon has an older appearance reflecting that of a large hands and a top hat magician style outfit.

    With such power, Jeon is able to transport thousands of people to safety in the first arc, away from the chaos that is happening in town. Good hearted, and cares for his grandson Jun Ju-gok!

  3. Na Bongchim

    We don’t know much about Na in the beginning, other than he looks like an elderly ninja master. Long beard, typical robe.. reminding me very much of Bleach’s legendary Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

    Also a member of the six, he is introduced later in season one and is a huge help in staving off the attack on the city.

  4. Seo Hallyang

    While we’re on the Bleach note, another striking similarity to Bleach‘s Kisuke Urahara, Hallyang is also a member of The Six, who is an advanced weapons expert with many tricks up his sleeve regarding using the national treasures.

    He’s quite the weasel though, quick to teach a lesson to his subordinates. This is partly due to him learning his own lesson about being cocky and arrogant in his earlier life.

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The Nox

  1. Sang Mandeok

    Sang Mandeok

    One of the Bishops of Nox, Sang is best known for weakening and subduing Jin Tae Jin and capturing him around mid-season.

    Sang is a heavy hitter with a super powerful ability that allows him to utilize God-like power or summon a God itself. This allowed him to walk through countless fights during the season so far with little to no effort.

  2. Lee Sujin

    Lee Sujin

    We haven’t seen much from Lee, but still worth mentioning as she is part of the Nox, a former bishop that was an enemy which turned into a supporting ally. Her original intent was to seek out and kill Jin Mori.

    With much history of fighting against government power, Lee also has a military background which drives her actions and decisions.

  3. The King

    The King

    Also considered a main antagonist (geez how many are there??) for the first half of the series, The King AKA Okhwang is the original OG Jade Emperor.

    Ruthless and unrelenting, Okhwang has shown to be capable of fighting toe-to-toe with Jin, the Monkey King himself. As he has aged it is considered that his power as gotten a bit weaker than this earlier days.

Supporting Character / Other Important Figures

  1. Jin Taejin

    Jin Taejin

    Jin Mori’s adopted grandfather and main figure Jin looks up to, also the master of Renewal Taekwondo.

    Taejin’s history goes far and deep, better left for the Wikipedia searching, however he is one of the strongest human characters in the show because he defeated “The Six” during their interrogation and capture attempt. He has superhuman powers in all facets of fighting styles which we have yet to see much about in the first season!

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